About me

I am a Senior Research Scientist in Motion Planning and Prediction at FiveAI. My current research focus is Online Interactive Planning for Autonomous Vehicles. The methods that I am working on must also handle a large degree of uncertainty and limit the amount of risk given the safety critical nature of the application. Previously, I have completed a PhD within the ILCC institute of the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Alex Lascarides and Subramanian Ramamoorthy.

Research interests

  • Machine Learning: Planning and Decision Making, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Bayesian Methods
  • Quantifying and handling Uncertainty/Risk in Planning/Reinforcement Learning
  • Multi-agent Systems and Game Theory



  • Received Best student Overall Performance Award, University of Bradford, 2013
  • Received Best Student Paper Award for “Exploiting action categories in learning complex games”, 2017

Previous projects